Willow Biosciences Inc (CNSX:WLLW) CEO Explains Share Consolidation

Willow Biosciences Inc (CNSX:WLLW) (OTCMKTS:CANSF) (FRA:45CN) is a synthetic biology company focused on ingredient production. Willow completed a $29 million financing in April and went public last month. CEO Trevor Peters discusses the company’s interest in opioid research and efforts to develop commercial pathways to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients from cannabinoids. Peters believes Willow’s yeast-based process provides both a faster timeline and significant cost savings when compared to cultivators using plant-based ingredients. He highlights the repeatability, scalability, and purity of Willow’s process and notes the company can tailor its end product to meet the need of CPG companies and pharmaceutical customers. He predicts that once Willow is fully operational, the company will be able to produce 300 kilos of isolates every 10 days. Peters explains Willow’s recent decision to consolidate all issued and outstanding common shares of the company and reveals the process will leave the company with approximately 68 million outstanding shares.

Watch video here at Midas letter.


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