AltaCorp Capital Inc Analyst on Potential of Biosynthetic Cannabinoids

AltaCorp Capital Inc Research Analyst David M. Kideckel, PhD, MBA provides an update on AltaCorp’s operations and shares his thoughts on the emerging biosynthetic cannabinoids space. Backed by Western Canada’s largest bank, ATB Financial, AltaCorp is the only firm to cover medical, pharmaceutical, and recreational cannabis from an equity research standpoint. Significantly, AltaCorp is the only company covering GW Pharmaceuticals, plc (NASDAQ:GWPH) (FRA:GWZA), makers of the drug Epidiolex. Kideckel notes that large scale equity deals are still the missing link for the sector. Kideckel discusses the emergence of biosynthetic and chemically derived cannabinoids in the space, which are cheaper to produce and provide higher percentages along with greater purity.

David M Kideckel

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