Perfecting the Pathways of
Plant Biosynthesis

The Scaling Challenge

Reconstitution of industrially important plant biosynthetic pathways into industrial organisms is at the leading edge of the emerging field of synthetic biology. Catalytic or structural elements present in the native plant, but missing from the reconstituted pathway, can result in low yield in the new system, and a manufacturing process that is insufficiently cost effective to be commercially viable.

At Willow, we leverage our deep understanding and expertise to identify novel genes from commercially important biosynthetic pathways. Typical genes uncovered code for previously undiscovered catalysts, structural elements, and transporters that provide the key to more fully understanding how native plant systems function.

From these discoveries we develop the instructions for recapitulating an optimized synthesis pathway in the new biological host. These results can be used to translate commercial scale manufacturing into organisms such as yeast and bacteria.

Committed efforts by leading researchers in the field are needed to solve such problems, yet rarely does a product development company have the world’s top researchers on staff to perform such discovery work.

Willow has done it before.

Willow Biosciences

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