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This is Willow.
Pure. Precise. Proven.

This is Willow.
Pure. Precise. Proven.

Our Mission

Our goal at Willow is to commercialize high-value bio-products derived from plants. We do this by making key discoveries in plant genomics, and then translating these newly discovered genetic elements and biochemical strategies into the appropriate commercial host organism. We invite you to partner with us to enhance the success of your manufacturing program.

About Us

At Willow, our business is the discovery and commercialization of high-value bioproducts through biosynthesis.

What We Do

Commercial biosynthesis starts with understanding the plant’s genomics and pathway biochemistry, but yields a higher grade product for industrial and pharmaceutical needs.


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At Willow our business is to enable the commercialization of high-value bioproducts. We achieve this by making and deploying key discoveries in plant genomics and pathway biochemistry. Newly discovered genetic elements and biochemical mechanisms are transferred or translated into an appropriate industrial host organism, and optimized for maximum yield.

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Willow Biosciences

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